This stream focuses on special topics in religion that rotate each Term. Term topics in this series are currently: “Religious Fundamentalism, Extremism & Terrorism,” and “Religion and Nonviolence.” Descriptions of each are given below. Future Term classes in this series are currently in development.

Any Term course can be taken independently of the others and at any time and in any order. There are no prerequisites for any of the Religious Diversity courses.

All classes are taught from an objective point of view. These are classes about religion and religious behavior, taught from an anthropological and historical point of view, and are designed for participants to get a greater understanding of the depth and scope of the diversity that exists within the world’s various faith and belief traditions.

DISTANCE-LEARNING OPTIONS AVAILABLE: In addition to our regular Hamilton in-person classes, we offer ‘Distance Learning’ options for all of our Religious Diversity courses that are taught from our Hamilton classrooms. Distance-learning options have been added for those living outside the Waikato or for those unable to attend our in-person classes in Hamilton. If you are a Distance-Learner you have the option of joining our regular live classroom sessions via Zoom at the regularly scheduled class time, or you can watch a video-recording of the Zoom classroom session at your leisure and learn at your own pace for anywhere around the world (that has an internet connection!).

NOTE: June 2024: EarthDiverse is working to create pre-recorded on-demand versions of all courses at lower price points in the Religious Diversity series. These will be made available over time and will begin in 2025. For the time being, most of these courses are not currently available as in-person courses delivered in Hamilton, New Zealand, but will be available soon as on-line video-only courses.

The courses in this series that we currently offer and rotate each Term are listed below. Currently offered courses are in bold.

Future courses in this series (currently under development) are:

  • “Sacred Texts” (coming soon)
  • “Esoteric Traditions and Mystical Experiences” (coming soon)
  • “Religion and Film” (coming soon)

The series of RD201-204 (“Religious Fundamentalism, Extremism and Terrorism” and “Religion and Nonviolence”) was last offered in 2020 and will be offered again soon as on-demand video-only courses.