Sponsors & Supporters:

Artmakers Community Artists Trust: Artmakers offers creative programmes and services, such as arts-based projects to beautify community spaces. We operate youth and children’s and intergenerational activities & programmes for engagement in creative learning. By using various art forms we work with communties and not for profit groups to promote all kinds of social wellbeing, environmental balance, cultural diversity, celebrating our community and raising awareness around issues. We promote working in collaboration and with kindness. <https://artmakers.co.nz>

Hamilton City Council: The Hamilton City Council is a Proud Sponsor of EarthDiverse and its programmes and currently supports some of our general operating expenses through the Single Year Community Grants programme.

Trust Waikato: The Trust Waikato Strategic Funding Priorities are aimed at achieving transformational change for people, families, communities and places where the need is greatest. This includes funding initiatives that increase community vibrancy, quality of life, resilience, participation and inclusiveness in the areas of: Arts and culture, Education, History, Social services, Sports and recreation, Youth, and the environment.

WEL Energy Trust: WEL Energy Trust was formed in 1993 as a one-third shareholder of WEL Networks Ltd, which is the electricity distribution business operating in the Waikato region. Surplus income received by the Trust is distributed to beneficiaries in various ways, including through grants and other community investments.