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Welcome to EarthDiverse!

We are an Adult & Community Education (ACE) provider and not-for-profit social enterprise offering a wide range of Diversity Education courses. We provide programmes designed to mitigate racism, discrimination and environmental degradation through courses, seminars, activities and events that aspire to strengthen social cohesion in Aotearoa New Zealand society.

We currently offer over 120 different courses on a rotating basis, with new courses introduced each Term. We’re introducing 2 new inter-term courses in World History:

Our Term 2 courses begin the week starting Monday 9 May.

COSTS: Please note that all of our prices are in New Zealand dollars and anyone, anywhere in the world can register for our courses at the New Zealand dollar price regardless of your location.

2022 Term 2 Courses Available:

Term 2 courses begin the week of Monday 9 May 2022.


EarthDiverse News

March 2022: We had a lovely visit this week with Deputy High Commissioner Mariya Abdul Ghafoor from the High Commission of Pakistan. The High Commision in Wellington has gifted EarthDiverse a collection of Urdu textbooks from their national curriculum for our Urdu language programme at EarthDiverse. Watch her brief (30 second) greeting below.

!بہت بہت شکریہ پاکستان

February 2022: EARTHDIVERSE HAS MOVED (yes, again)! As EarthDiverse has grown over the past year please note that we have shifted from our temporary offices and classrooms at 401 Grey Street to our new offices and classrooms at 401 Anglesea Street in Hamilton’s CBD (a couple of shops north of the bus station). We’re located above Copier World, and the entrance is on the left side of the building, side entrance, upstairs. We now have a reception area, office, 5 dedicated classrooms each outfitted for on-line teaching, a large lounge suitable for group discussions, meetings and our film courses, a kitchen, and (count ’em) three toilets! As Term 1 begins we should be keeping regular weekday hours of about 10:30am to 9:30pm. Drop by, say hi and have a cuppa on the house!

EARTHDIVERSE COVID-19 POLICY: EarthDiverse fully complies with all Government regulations and has created a safe environment so that all students, staff and instructors feel comfortable. All of our instructors are fully-vaccinated, and, in addition to scanning in with the NZ Covid Tracking app, we now require all those aged 12 years and above entering our premises to present their Covid Vaccination Pass upon entry to ensure that all eligible persons have been doubly vaccinated.

The majority of our courses are hybrid (they are offered as both in-person and live-streamed via Zoom). So that all of our learners can participate in our courses equally, no matter their vaccination status, both vaxxed and unvaxxed can continue to access our courses via Zoom. If you wish to attend in-person classes you must be doubly vaccinated and show your vaccine pass upon entry. 

Please keep in mind that vaccination is not about individual freedom to make our own decisions or about limiting government’s reach to legislate what we choose to do with our own bodies, but rather about keeping all members of society safe and healthy and free from either catching or passing on the virus to others. 


Are the Humanities an endangered species?

28 March 2022, by Nona Morris, Director of Educational Programmes, EarthDiverse Yes, they are. Universities here and abroad have been following an unsettling trend of downsizing their liberal arts programmes, while simultaneously placing greater emphasis on the degree-to-marketplace style of education. Business, IT, Law, Engineering and technical specialties are given attention, status and funding, while the study of religion, music, literature, philosophy, […]

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Religious Diversity Course Scholarships Now Available

24 December 2021: RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP ANNOUNCED: EarthDiverse is pleased to announce that beginning in 2022 Term 1 the Waikato Interfaith Council (WIFCO), through the generosity of its Alan Leadley Memorial Fund, is providing free tuition for any young person (below the age of 30) to enrol in any of the following Religious Diversity courses offered by […]

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January 2021 update

EarthDiverse is just getting started. We’re a new organisation that incorporates a more comprehensive view of all that Planet 3 has to offer: one that combines all the depth and breadth of human diversity—our social, cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversities—with the vast but threatened splendor of the environmental and biological diversity of our world. In […]

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