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exploring, discerning and engaging the deep diversities of planet earth

Welcome to EarthDiverse! We are an Adult & Community Education (ACE) provider and not-for-profit social enterprise offering a wide range of Diversity Education courses. We provide programmes designed to mitigate racism, discrimination and environmental degradation through courses, seminars, activities and events that aspire to strengthen social cohesion in Aotearoa New Zealand society.

We currently offer over 90 different courses on a rotating basis, with new courses introduced each Term. Our Term 4 courses begin the week of Monday 18 October 2021. These are listed below:

2021 Term 4 Courses Available:

COVID-19 UPDATE (Fri 22 Oct 12:30pm): As per yesterday’s Government announcement, the Waikato will remain at Level 3 Covid restrictions until at least Wednesday 27 October. This means that EarthDiverse will continue to hold MOST of its courses that began on Monday 18 October, via Zoom. Some of our classes, mostly those discussion groups that don’t lend themselves easily to distance-learning formats, will be postponed until we return to Level 2. If this continues, some of these discussion format courses may need to be cancelled. If that happens we will issue full refunds. We will need to await a further update on Wed 27th October to see if the Waikato can return to Level 2 restrictions. Until then, we will continue to offer our courses via Zoom only.

From this morning’s Government announcement and push towards raising vaccination compliance, Government will move into its newly established Covid Protection Framework once we have 90% vaccination rates amongst the eligible population. EarthDiverse fully supports the announced measures and strongly urges all citizens to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible. To comply, EarthDiverse will require all those attending our in-person courses to be fully vaccinated once this government policy is fully established, certificates issued, and the legal framework is enacted through Parliament.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on whether or not we can return to hybrid classes in Hamilton (both in-person with a live streamed component over Zoom for those outside the Waikato), or if all classes will need to continue via Zoom, when and if our current Covid alert level returns to Level 2. 

Here’s a complete list of our Term 4 course offerings, beginning the week of Monday 18 October 2021. We’re offering continuing language classes (102, 104, 202, 204) in Arabic, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Urdu for those with some rudimentary knowledge in these language. New introductory cohorts (101 courses) in these languages begin in Terms 1 & 3 each year.



NEWS: (4 October 2021): EarthDiverse has secured temporary offices at 401 Grey Street in Hamilton East, Hamilton to help accommodate our recent growth. We will operate out of these new facilities for Term 4 and will continue our search for a more permanent location. A map to these facilities can be found on our Contact page, and on each course’s registration page. With the Waikato returning to Level 3 Lockdown conditions on 4 October, we’ll keep you posted regarding in-person classes or Zoom-only classes for the duration of any lockdown periods.

2022 Term 1 Courses Available:

Here are only some of the courses offered in 2022 Term 1. The rest of our Term 1 schedule will be announced soon!

EarthDiverse News

NEWS: (3 July 2021): EarthDiverse and its Urdu Language programme are featured on Karl Rock’s fabulously successful You Tube channel:

January 2021 update

EarthDiverse is just getting started. We’re a new organisation that incorporates a more comprehensive view of all that Planet 3 has to offer: one that combines all the depth and breadth of human diversity—our social, cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversities—with the vast but threatened splendor of the environmental and biological diversity of our world. In […]

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Thoughts in the aftermath of the Christchurch white supremacist terrorist attacks:
Thoughts in the aftermath of the Christchurch white supremacist terrorist attacks: As many of you know, my recent work and experience with the Waikato Interfaith Council, teaching Comparative Religion at the University of Waikato, and the Religious Diversity Centre has focused around the issues of our religious illiteracy and helping to raise awareness of all [...]
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Some recent course reviews:

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