Todd Nachowitz, PhD

Dr Todd Nachowitz, has been studying Hindi and Urdu since 1978, and has lived and worked in India and Pakistan during the 1980s and 1990s. Todd has studied Hindi under the tutelage of Dr Tej Bhatia of Syracuse University, (1978-1980) and Pandit Virendra Singh of Varanasi (1980-1988), and studied Urdu under the direction of Dr Muhammad Umar Memon at the University of Wisconsin, Ustad Qamar Jalil of Lahore, Pakistan, and with Urdu Calligrapher Ustad Shor Sahab (also of Lahore) beginning in 1983. Todd has taught both Hindi and Urdu at Syracuse University in upstate New York, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States, as Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s College Year in India Programme in Varanasi (1985-1988), and as Field Director of the University of California-Berkeley’s Berkley Urdu Language Programme in Pakistan (BULPIP) in Lahore in 1991-1992.