Briar Taylor- Smith, PhD

Briar Taylor-smith

Briar Taylor-Smith, PhD

Restoration Ecologist / Lead Vegetation Surveys, Research

Briar is an experienced terrestrial ecologist with a broad range of skills and experience. Since completing a PhD in 2015 investigating ground wētā distribution and diversity across New Zealand, she has worked as a field botanist for the Department of Conservation and a consultant ecologist before joining the ecological restoration team at Tītoki Landcare.

Briar has extensive experience with vegetation surveying around the North Island, including forest and wetland plots, wetland delineations, and biosecurity monitoring of kauri dieback and myrtle rust. She has also worked with a wide range of fauna including invertebrates, bats, Powelliphanta snails, birds, lizards, and invasive newts.

Since 2017, Briar has been restoring her own gully within the Chedworth gully system in Hamilton, and has incorporated her passion for ecological restoration into her work since joining Tītoki Landcare.

Get in touch with Briar if you have any queries relating to vegetation surveys, ecological research projects, and/or ecological mapping.