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Welcome to EarthDiverse!

We are an Adult & Community Education (ACE) provider and not-for-profit social enterprise offering a wide range of Diversity Education courses. We provide programmes designed to mitigate racism, discrimination and environmental degradation through courses, seminars, activities and events that aspire to strengthen social cohesion in Aotearoa New Zealand society. Though we cater to our little patch of Planet 3 here in Aotearoa New Zealand, our courses are open, affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere and we welcome learners and qualified instructors from around the globe.

We currently offer over 140 different courses on a rotating basis, with new courses introduced each Term. Four times per year (following New Zealand’s School term system) we offer about 40 different courses in the broad categories of Language, Culture and Nature. We’ll continue to work hard to deliver new and interesting courses that help enrich our minds and raise our spirits!


  • Term 1: Monday 14 February through Friday 8 April 2022
  • Term 2: Monday 9 May through Friday 1 July 2022
  • Term 3: Monday 1 August through Friday 23 September 2022
  • Term 4: Monday 17 October through Friday 9 December 2022


  • Term 1: Monday 13 February through Friday 7 April 2023
  • Term 2: Monday 1 May through Friday 23 June 2023
  • Term 3: Monday 24 July through Friday 15 September 2023
  • Term 4: Monday 16 October through Friday 8 December 2023

NOTE: It’s never too late to sign up for an EarthDiverse course. If a Term has already begun and you’ve missed a few sessions, no worries! You can always catch up by watching the weekly video-recorded live class sessions, reviewing any posted class notes, or examining a PDF of any Powerpoint/Keynote presentations given during the class. We’ll also be introducing learn-at-your-own-pace prerecorded video classes in the near future, so stay tuned for courses available anytime!

ART110: “Let’s Make A Puppet! A Creative School Holiday Workshop For Kids Aged 10-15 years” with Ifat Vayner. 3-hour workshop.

OFFERED: Saturday 10 September 2022, 10:00am-1:00pm.

ART111: “Let’s Make A Puppet! A Creative School Holiday Workshop For Kids Aged 8-11 years” with Ifat Vayner. 3-hour workshop.

OFFERED: Saturday 17 September 2022, 10:00am-1:00pm.

COSTS: Please note that all of our prices are in New Zealand dollars and anyone, anywhere in the world can register for our courses at the New Zealand dollar price regardless of your location.

2022 Term 3 (August-September) Courses:

Most of our Term 3 courses begin the week of Monday 1 August 2022. Some begin the following weeks. Please check each course page for details for each course.

Please note it’s never too late to join a course as once you’re registered and class notes and video recordings are posted on the course page so that you can catch up.  Contact us via our Contacts page if your interested or simply register for the course.


ART110 & ART111: WEEKEND PUPPETRY WORKSHOPS, The first for kids aged 10-15 years takes place on Saturday 10 September 2022, while the second for kids aged 8-11 takes place on Saturday 17 September. Click on the appropriate tiles below to register your kids for these 3-hour 10:00am to 1:00pm workshops.

ENV215: “Ecological Restoration: Building relationships with, and supporting the aspirations of, Mana Whenua in restoration”Co-organised by EarthDiverse and Go EcoHonouring Te Tiriti includes understanding and supporting whānau and hapū mana motuhake. Restoration groups are natural allies for mana whenuaaspirations. The four speakers in this series will each share their perspectives on how this can be achieved. Environmental restoration groups can be effective allies and work to support mana whenua aspirations, and our speakers will address how to work with local hapū to help build lasting Te Tiriti-based relationships. This seminar series takes place on Wednesday nights for 4 sessions, meeting biweekly, beginning Wed 10 August 2022, 7:30-8:30pm.

HWB210: After The Accident: Rebuilding Your Life Through Mental Resilience, An evening workshop and discussion originally held on Thursday 28 July 2022, the video recording on this 1-hour workshop can now be watched on-line at any time by registering on the course page.

LIT310: “Spies and Villains, Heroes and Heroines: Russian Characters in Spy Thrillers from 1880 to 2000.” Wednesdays 11:00am-1:00pm beginning 3 August (NZ Time).

Introductory Mandarin 101: Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm beginning 2 August 2022.

Conversational Spanish 400: Mondays 7:00-8:30pm beginning 8 August 2022.

Heritage Spanish courses for kids: EarthDiverse and the Waikato Hispano-Latino Trust are offering three different courses for the children of Spanish migrants to help them retain their heritage language and culture. These courses begin in Term 3 beginning the week of Monday 1 August 2022.

Introductory Swahili 101: Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm beginning 2 August 2022.

Introductory Vietnamese 101: Wednesdays 6:00-7:30pm beginning 3 August 2022.

Heritage Vietnamese classes for kids! Wednesdays 4:00-5:30pm beginning 3 August 2022.

“Festivals of Spain”  (course page coming soon)

EarthDiverse News

EARTHDIVERSE COVID-19 POLICY: EarthDiverse fully complies with all Government regulations and has created a safe environment so that all students, staff and instructors feel comfortable. All of our instructors are fully-vaccinated.

The majority of our courses are hybrid (they are offered as both in-person and live-streamed via Zoom). So that all of our learners can participate in our courses equally, no matter their vaccination status, everyone can participate courses via Zoom. If you wish to attend in-person classes you must be doubly vaccinated and boosted. 

Please keep in mind that vaccination is not about individual freedom to make our own decisions or about limiting government’s reach to legislate what we choose to do with our own bodies, but rather about keeping all members of society safe and healthy and free from either catching or passing on the virus to others. Thank You!


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A heritage language is not needed for work nor for everyday communication. So what’s the use of it?

By Cristina Schumacher, Director of Language Programmes, EarthDiverse In very simple terms, what characterises a heritage language is that it is learned or spoken at home by the children of immigrants or indigenous peoples. It may also be the language one identifies with as part of their community and culture of origin, not necessarily as […]

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Are the Humanities an endangered species?

28 March 2022, by Nona Morris, Director of Educational Programmes, EarthDiverse Yes, they are. Universities here and abroad have been following an unsettling trend of downsizing their liberal arts programmes, while simultaneously placing greater emphasis on the degree-to-marketplace style of education. Business, IT, Law, Engineering and technical specialties are given attention, status and funding, while the study of religion, music, literature, philosophy, […]

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Thoughts in the aftermath of the Christchurch white supremacist terrorist attacks:
Thoughts in the aftermath of the Christchurch white supremacist terrorist attacks: As many of you know, my recent work and experience with the Waikato Interfaith Council, teaching Comparative Religion at the University of Waikato, and the Religious Diversity Centre has focused around the issues of our religious illiteracy and helping to raise awareness of all [...]
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